Experience wildlife only a stone’s throw from the city

Last time we have been looking at an architectural marvel: the Crystal Cathedral (link here). You can actually visit the cathedral if you are traveling from LA southbound (Mexico anyone?). There are a lot more attractions in the vicinity of the City of Angels. However, if you want to get out of the city there is a place I would recommend to visit. The place is called San Diego Zoo Safari Park and for a good reason. Wildlife from Africa and Asia (and not only, but Africa and Asia sounds more exotic, right?) roams there (almost) freely. The cages that you see in traditional zoos are not very common here. Of course there are measures to separate dangerous animals from the public. And yes, you can actually experience a safari ride there. And you can feed the animals (the herbivores at least :D).

The park is located neat Escondido in San Pasqual Valley (along California State route 78). It is a very popular tourist attraction so be prepared for crowds.

The park is divided into several “regions”.  So you will find Gorilla Forest, African Woods, African Plains, Lion Outpost, Elephant Valley and more. Use the Africa Tram – included in your entrance fee – or book one of the available safari tours. You can easily spend the whole day there and not get bored.

Let’s have a look around…

Safari Park is also home to thousands of plants (and butterflies too).

The most impressive is probably the african part.

Enjoy your visit there!