A famous road in Romania

The country of Romania getting more and more popular with tourists. Especially the ones from western Europe. And you can see why: no need to apply for visa, a short flight time, reasonable prices, the history (and mystery in some cases) make it for a great destination. You can even make a last minute decision and enjoy a weekend break in one of the Balkan countries. If it’s landscapes, off-road adventures, the story of Vlad the Impaler, small villages or busy Black sea resorts that you are after Romania has it all.

All petrol-heads have heard the nameĀ  Transfagarasan road – by some claimed to be THE BEST driving road in the world. On the maps know as National Road 7C it connects Transylvania (yes, this Transylania) with Muntenia. Built in the 70s by the Caucescu regime for military use the road is a Mecca for motorists (along with the nearby Transalpina which goes even higher). Keep in mind that it is open only for 3 or 4 months per year – for the most part it’s closed due to snow.



And this is how I got there